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How I see the world?

Recently, my photos were published by London based nomadic publishing house Sunday Mornings at the Rivers. This is the interview that went along with the images. “After going through bankruptcy, I felt it was time to take a distance, to oversee my development and to understand more of the world. I left for South-America and traveled there for six months, realizing… Lees verder →

What spices are good for

I decided to get lost in the city, and walked off. The narrow streets were amazing, and I just love the life with open doors, out in the street. Animals were everywhere, eating the garbage that people threw out everywhere. If you don’t need something, you throw it out of the window. The smells, again, where mesmerizing. Every meter has… Lees verder →

The Pushkar Lake

Through the noisy, dirty, crowded and touristic street that lies as a ring around the lake, we found a passage with stairs to the so called Ghats. These are the basins in the lake to wash, and bathe, and pray. Christian and I sat down at the stairs to watch the water, hear the priests, and feel the sun on… Lees verder →


From our western perspective there is a lot wrong in India. Also, many things are right, and there is a lot we can learn from the way the inhabitants of India deal with life. They accept. The most beautiful thing I’ve seen in India is their faith. They act, trusting that somewhere, somehow there might be a reason for all this, beyond their knowledge.… Lees verder →