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Wil je mij aanmoedigen of helpen meer werk te maken? Onderstaand werk is te koop. Neem contact op als je interesse hebt!

Foto’s zijn te bestellen op dibond-druk met epoxy afwerking. Formaten 30×30, 50×50 of 80×80. Prijs op aanvraag. Over andere mogelijkheden denk ik graag mee :)


A country so saturated by the sun that seem to make all senses brighter. Color, taste, smell, rhythm, even your touch, as you dance some Forro with a stranger. Soccer and Carnaval are some great things we have in common. They like to keep things easy. They like to drink in the street. They like to party. They laugh with each other while… Lees verder →


From our western perspective there is a lot wrong in India. Also, many things are right, and there is a lot we can learn from the way the inhabitants of India deal with life. They accept. The most beautiful thing I’ve seen in India is their faith. They act, trusting that somewhere, somehow there might be a reason for all this, beyond their knowledge.… Lees verder →